Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are those which get anchorage from the cheek bone called zygomatic bone. They are used in cases where there is excessive bone resorption or extensive maxillary sinuses, leading to inadequate amount of bone for anchorage of the implants.

The bone of zygomatic arch serves as an anchorage for long implants along with the conventional implants in the anterior region used as an anchor for prosthesis. This technique has enabled sufficient rehabilitation of patients providing restored function and improved esthetics and has given many patients back a normal social life.

It is the current " Gold Standard " treatment option for extremely resorbed maxilla

In case of patients undergoing zygoma implants, it is mandatory to take a CBCT scan prior to the treatment to analyse the amount and quality of bone available both horizontally and vertically

In our MSR Dental Hospital, the zygoma implants are performed under general anaesthesia by the experienced team of Doctors.

The entire procedure of implantation and teeth fixing will be completed within 6 - 10 days.

DAY 1 Consultation and radiographic analysis
DAY 2 Implantation and impression
DAY 3 Facial height measurement
DAY 4 Teeth trial
DAY 5 Teeth fixing
DAY 6 Review


When your dentist have told that there is not enough bone in your upper jaw to replace your teeth permanently or in a condition where sinus (curved sinus located below cheeks and above teeth) has been dropped down,we are here to make an stop to these problems and fix teeth permanently with ZYGOMA implants.


ygoma is the strongest bone that present in our cheeks.It is also a denser bone in nature.We can attain maximum anchorage with implants in this bone,compared to normal conventional implants.

It was first introduced by Dr.Per Ingvar Branemark in 1990.Zygoma implants are titanium made with high length.These implants are fixed into zygoma bone over which teeth(hybrid denture) will be given.


Zygoma implants will take place under general anesthesia.It can be done in max 3 - 4 hrs.It is a minor surgical procedure.People recovery will be in an hour.Under general anesthesia your implantologist will make an incision for flap opening,then drilling will be done starting from your first molar teeth crossing your sinus (without even disturbing ) ,finally hitching into zygoma bone.Then zygoma implants with proper length is taken and slowly placed in to zygoma bone(as if like zygoma implants gets impacted into zygoma bone).


You will feel your originality back in your smile and chewing

Can eat whatever you wish

Prognosis - 99 %

Completely painless procedure

No age limits

Not restricted in medical conditions

Teeth will be given in a week


Usage of bone graft is eliminated

Sinus lift augmentation procedure is avoided

You will not wait for your teeth about 3 - 6 months


We at Dr.Vivek's MSRams dentistry have a specialized team for zygoma implants, headed by Best zygomatic implantologist in south India DR.C.VIVEKPANDIAN (oral maxillofacial surgeon & implantologist),trained zygoma implantologist under Dr.Paulo Malo .We have been done plentiful cases in our clinic with success rate of 99.9%.Our success rate is not only determines treatment part,but also the patient comfort and happiness.

We have unique steps to be carried out for zygoma implants.


Zygoma implants are not more expensive.But definitely it is little pricey than normal conventional implants.Basic price starts from Rs.5,00,000 for upper arch ( four zygoma implants).Price varies according to the brand you choose ,please click,to know the cost of zygoma implants in detail.