Digitally visualize your teeth and gums through your eyes directly .Many people try to look into their teeth and gums through mirror .Yes that is a very difficult task,as we all know.

Technologies are moving above the sky,with the help of these technologies and advancements we dentistry also steeping into next floor by launching INTRA ORAL SCANNER.

Intra oral scanner is a advanced digital device that used to capture your teeth and gums ,which you can look into it the very next second.

YES ,now that is possible with intra oral scanner.

Impression is a major procedure that involves in every dental procedure.Almost our 98 % of procedures (Rct,Implant,Veneers,Ortho braces,Smile designing) needs impression to be taken.

These impression are taken manually with rubber like material called putty or paste like material called alginate.Sometimes these materials cause much discomfort to patient (like gag).These materials are taken and placed in impression trays,which is kept into patient mouth about 5 - 10 mins.

Then these impression are sent to lab for further procedure.

Now to make a difference comes Intra oral scanner.More comfort and pleasant to both dentist and patient.It takes only very few minutes to complete your full mouth scanning.Even the patient looks their oral cavity right after the digital impression in the nearby screen.

This makes more patients to realize how they maintains their oral cavity.It also makes easier for us to make treatment plan and explain the same to the patient instantly.

The very next main advantage of Intra oral scanner is,manual impressions are need to be collected by the respective lab person ,carried all the way to their lab and then only they will start up the work.But now,the digital impression taken will reach the respective lab in a flash.

With intra oral scanner we can see only the advantages,there is no pin pointing disadvantage here.

Patient comfort,Immediate crowns,Perfect aesthetics,what else a patient ask for more than this.

we at Dr.Vivek's MSRam's Dentistry have intra oral scanner as patient comfort is our main concern.