• It is meant for individuals who have lost their entire teeth. Implant supported full bridge or full denture can replace the entire lost teeth.
  • Consultation and planning : This step comprises of thorough examination, evaluation of medical and dental history, imaging and treatment planning.
  • Placement of dental implants : Implants are placed on the bone which serves as a strong base for the new teeth.
  • Abutment placement: A connector called abutment is placed between the Dental implant and the crown after 2 to 3 days of implantation.
  • Bridge placement: Finally a tooth or bridge is placed over the abutment.


  • Prevents the bone from resorption.
  • Numerous teeth being replaced with few number of implants.
  • Maintains facial integrity.
  • Highly esthetic with natural emerging profile.
  • Increase in efficacy of biting and chewing.
  • Brings back facial fullness and helps to regain the original facial structure.